Home Decor Series: Traditional

Home series: Traditional

We have been doing a series on various styles and themes of home decor. We’ve covered styles ranging from farmhouse to eclectic, modern to minimal, and even cottage-inspired homes. This week we’re focusing on one of the most iconic styles to date, the traditional style.


The Traditional style has been around for years and channels the natural evolution of the 18th and 19th-century European decor. It combines the best of Sheraton, Queen Anne, and Chippendale styles. Even though this style channels an older time period, the decor is not outdated. In addition, everything falls into the classic category. The traditional style works to invoke a calm, orderly, and predictable environment.


As stated before, there is nothing chaotic about this type of decor. Furniture and accessories are typically placed in pairs and properly staged throughout the room. Everything looks cohesive and correlates. Things might not match down to every detail, but altogether it looks whole. Even though this style works to create a classic environment, it still is very casual. Upholstery, vertical lines, and cohesive patterns are used in fabrics. Colors range from very dark to very light. Whatever shade is chosen, the rest of the colors follow or compliment. There are no bold statements made in the traditional style like loud prints or stainless steel.

Carpet is an excellent flooring option to complete the traditional look. You can find muted patterns or solid colors to complement the other accents. If you need help decorating in the traditional style, don’t hesitate to contact us at Edwards Carpet. Family-owned since 1939, we can offer the best advice on making your home look beautiful and refreshed, as well as excellent value for your money (including free carpet padding and old carpet removal). Call us today or visit one of our 5 locations in the St. Louis’ & St. Charles’ counties!