Home Trends of 2020

Home Trends of 2020

Every year trends change, including home trends. We’ve collected some of the bigger home trends of 2020; check them out below!

New Colors

For the last few years, the prominent color in homes was different shades of gray. In 2020 we have noticed a bold change from gray to varying shades of blue. The most popular shades of blue being navy, aqua, and pastel blue. These are not new colors in homes, but for the longest time, they paired with gray and neutrals. Now, we will find that blue is replacing gray and neutrals, therefore changing the entire look of a room. According to The Spruce, these colors can offer a sense of calm and tranquility, while still feeling traditional enough. When we’re all stuck at home, why not create a peaceful and tranquil space?


Wicker can be found in various forms in homes this year. Typically when you think of wicker, it reminds you of your patio furniture or rocking chair out on the front porch. Not anymore! Wicker will be showcased throughout homes in chairs, tables, lighting, and decor. Different sized wicker baskets can be curated together to create a unique piece on any wall in your home. Integrating different textures, like wicker, creates a well-balanced style.


The four most popular types of flooring in 2020 are waterproof laminate, American-made hardwood, carpet, and eco-friendly flooring. You’ll see more blonde, white, gray, and high variation in colors of flooring. Smooth floors remain classic, but this year is a big year for texture. You’ll see textures like reclaimed wood, distressed, and wire brushed. With all the different styles and trends occurring in homes this year, don’t expect them to stop with your flooring. Creativity will continue to flow with flooring with checkered and hexagon patterns. In addition to mixed widths, wide planks, and herringbone patterns.

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