Knoa Hardwood Flooring


Your floors are going to experience some high traffic. We don’t overthink about the wear and tear that our flooring takes, but it is substantial. For this reason, the quality of your floor matters. Hardwood floors are both beautiful and highly durable, but all are not created equally. Knoa hardwood floors are among the most beautiful floors on the market. They have served the market faithfully for years with high-quality materials and standards.

Quality Materials

Knoa takes pride in offering high-quality products. They utilize wood with fewer imperfections so you can bank on having a top-grade hardwood. Knoa’s distribution inc has a very serious lab-test procedure and quality check system, which will help all of our customers stay away from toxic materials. They ensure every single step of selecting materials is carefully tested before its heading to the production line.


Knoa works hard to protect the consumer. As part of their total program, the antimicrobial epoxy flooring provides contamination-fighting properties not only across the floor surface but throughout the polymer material used to make it. As a result, you have anti-pathogen safeguards to protect you inside and out. Regardless of your needs, though, there is a Knoa hardwood floor to fit your needs. The company offers excellent resources for customers looking to find the best product.

Quality Craftsmanship

With the best practices and the best materials, it’s hard to beat the hardwood product Knoa offers. They can provide a style for hardwood for any customer. With different wood types, textures, and colors, you can find the perfect hardwood floor for your home. They have a more rustic look, traditional looks, hand-scraped looks, and so much more. After years of being a leader in hardwood flooring, it’s pretty safe to say that they can stand the test of time. No matter what type of lifestyle you live, there is a Knoa hardwood floor just for you. Contact us to find the right Knoa floor for your home!