Knoa Luxury Vinyl Floors For Your Home

Knoa Luxury Vinyl

Knoa luxury vinyl floors look just like a wood floor. This is because the plank shaped tiles go down just like the real planks. It is no wonder that Knoa does such a great job on creating their vinyl floors to look and act like the real thing. They are a leading manufacturer of hardwood and laminate flooring, and deal with real wood often. So why does a manufacturer of wood floors create a vinyl look-alike? That is because real wood does not do well in wet environments, and Knoa knows you want the beauty of wood throughout your home.

The Old Days

Kitchens and bathrooms were the unloved step-children of home decor. You could tell the era that a home was from just by looking at these two rooms. The color of the tile in the bathroom and the kitchen counters gave it away. Those days are over, and not a minute too soon. With our style reaching into the kitchen and the bathroom, we find we don’t want odd colored tile on our floors. We want the floors in these rooms looking as lovely as the rest of the house.

The Answer

That is where Knoa luxury vinyl comes into play. Now wood is not a good choice for flooring in the kitchen or the bathroom, these rooms are just too wet. Water does ugly things to wood. That is why you need luxury vinyl to extend the beauty of the wood into the wet areas of your home. This floor is completely waterproof. Not only that, but it is so easily cleaned. Can you imagine trying to get food spills out of real wood floors in your kitchen? Even if you don’t cook much, you still get spills on your kitchen floor. They just happen.

Why Knoa?

It only makes sense to choose the company that knows wood as well as Knoa for the wood plank vinyl floor. Only by really knowing the real product can you put this much attention into making the floors match. The planks are a full 48 inches long, which is important when you are using vinyl alongside real wood. This is truly a great answer for bringing the beauty of wood into rest of your home.

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