3 Reasons Why Knoa’s Hardwood Flooring is the Best

3 Reasons Why Knoa's Hardwood Flooring is the Best

There are so many flooring options today that it’s easy to become overwhelmed: carpet, vinyl, laminate, ceramic tile…the variations seem endless. However, there’s one type of flooring that is head and shoulders above the rest: Knoa hardwood. Why is Knoa hardwood your best flooring investment? Let’s find out:

Knoa Hardwood is Classic

Throughout history, hardwood floors have beautified homes. There’s nothing trendy about hardwood, which is why it will never go out of style (unlike, say, linoleum or shag carpet). Your hardwood floors will be just as gorgeous and desirable 30 years from now as they are today, and you won’t have to worry about replacing the flooring to appeal to buyers if you want to sell your house. Who doesn’t love hardwood?

Knoa Hardwood is Easy to Clean

Because of the nature of hardwood, cleaning and maintenance couldn’t be simpler. Merely sweeping once or twice a week should be all you need to keep your floors clean and looking great. You won’t need to rent a carpet steamer or hire a company to come clean your floors, you just need a broom and perhaps the occasional damp mop. And because hardwood is so easily kept clean, you get an added benefit: it’s hypoallergenic. The dust mites and other allergens that lurk in carpets don’t take up residence on a hardwood floor, so you can breathe easy.

Knoa Hardwood is Durable

Some people are discouraged by the fact that hardwood flooring is initially somewhat more expensive than other options. However, a hardwood floor quickly pays for itself because it’s so durable that it will last for generations. Not replacing your flooring every 10 years or so means that hardwood isn’t just the most beautiful and classic option, but also makes the most financial sense in the long run. The value of your home may even go up when you install hardwood, unlike vinyl or carpet. And unlike laminate flooring, if a hardwood floor is scratched you can simply buff out the scratch and your floor will still look fabulous.

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