Maintaining Hardwood Floors

Maintaining Hardwood Floors

If you have hardwood floors in your home, you realize how difficult upkeep can become. Here are a few easy tips that will help you maintain your hardwood floors beautiful appeal.


Dusting hardwood floors is an excellent first step in maintaining their look. Things like pet hair, dander, and allergens can lay around on your floors for extended periods. If they aren’t regularly cleaned, these allergens will start to cake on to your floors, causing further issues. A quick dusting every other day can help keep your floors clean and prevent further damage to them. Also, seasonal allergies can improve, along with air quality. So not only will dusting benefit your hardwood floors, but your health as well.


Vacuuming is another way to care for your hardwood floors. Some people may think that vacuuming is only necessary if you have carpeting in your home. This is false. Even if you dust frequently, some things are left behind that only a vacuum can get. Think of all the possible crumbs, allergens, and more that get caught in the ridges and grooves of hardwood floors. By using a vacuum, you will increase the odds of riding your hardwood of unwanted allergens. In addition, you can suck up anything stuck in the hard to reach grooves. To complete the next step, you must vacuum beforehand!


Other flooring options like tile or stone are relatively easy to mop, but you should never mop hardwood floors. As tempting as it may seem, water and soap can leave an unwanted residue or tarnish the beautiful wood. Rather than moping, turn to polish! Polishing is an excellent alternative to moping that will leave your floors shiny and clean. According to Lowes, polishes won’t leave a residue or harmful toxins, but it will adequately prevent stripping and overcleaning of your floors. Urethane-based finishes have quick drying times, no wax buildup, and provide a protective wear layer to fill in scratches and even out the floors.

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