Four Reasons to Choose Marazzi Tile Flooring

Marazzi Tile Flooring

We at Edwards Carpet and Flooring only deal with premier flooring companies, and the Marazzi brand is one of those companies. Marazzi has been around for a long time; the business originally opened in 1892 in Sunnyvale, Texas.  Since that time, Marazzi and continued to grow and expand making them a successful global business and an industry leader that sells in over a 130 different countries.  There are many reasons to consider Marazzi tile flooring for your flooring needs; here are just a few.

Marazzi tile flooring is kid friendly

Often times with kids in the house and both parents working, it’s hard to keep the house clean and organized, especially the floors! On rainy days after school, your children may even have friends over running in and out of the house and forgetting to take their shoes off, making cleanups even harder.  Well, tile floors helps tremendously when it comes to maintaining those floors and restoring them to their original showroom beauty.  All you need is a cloth or mop and a bucket of water.  There’s never any permanent mud stains or worn areas with tile as there are with some other flooring.

Marazzi tile flooring is pet friendly

Living with your animal companions in the house can sometimes lead to restroom cleanups on the floor. Having tile rooms or an entire house tiled makes those cleanups extremely easy with no damage or destruction to the floor.  If your pet has an accident inside, all you need are some papers towels and a spray bottle of cleaner to quickly tidy the tile floor.

Marazzi tile flooring offers an endless variety

Marazzi tile comes in a variety of patterns, styles, colors, sizes and finishes, including glass, glazed ceramic, and porcelain stoneware There’s and endless amount of choices to fit your individual preferences.  They offer tile that looks just like wood plank flooring to tile that resembles quilt rugs; there’s definitely no shortage of choices and something for just about everyone. Let us help you choose what best fits your personal style!

Marazzi tile not just for floors

Additionally, not only can Marazzi tile be used for floors, but it can be used for showers, kitchen backsplashes, or accents around fireplaces and porches.  It can offer an entire new look to an older shower or give a whole new style to your kitchen.

To learn more about Marazzi tile, please contact us and additionally, for a free consultation just complete and submit our form.  We look forward to hearing from you!