Milliken Carpet: Form & Function

Milliken Carpet Form & Function

When considering flooring options, many people instantly think of carpet. Sure, maybe tile or wood for bathrooms and kitchens, but everywhere else, many still prefer the comfort and softness of carpet.

However, even amongst the many loyal carpet fans, there has long been a complaint you’d hear a lot. Not enough style and variation! Well, until now that is! Miliken gives you carpet options that has form and function!


When decorating or remodeling a room, every other design element is chosen with careful thought about the color, pattern, texture, and style. Until recently though, those kinds of options just weren’t available for carpet.

Milliken Carpet is here to change all that for the better! They have more options than you can imagine! Finally, a carpet brand that makes carpets as unique and stylish as those who love them. You can now have the charm, versatility, and style of an area rug on a larger, wall-to-wall scale!

No matter what style, colors, design, shapes, patterns, function or textures you’re using, you’ll find the perfect carpet to bring the whole room together. Designing has never been more cohesive!


Not only is Milliken Carpet beautiful, versatile, and durable, but it’s environmentally friendly too! While other companies have jumped on the environmental bandwagon over the years, Milliken Carpet was one of the companies leading the charge.

They’ve been recycling since 1900! That’s quite a bit before pretty much anyone else. Over the years, especially as the issue has become much more relevant and dyer, they’ve continued to put the Earth first. This is a brand that not only shares many of its customers’ values but lives by them every day as well.


Here at Edwards Carpet & Flooring Centers, we care about the issues that affect you. We’ve been listening to our customers over the years and your concerns have come through loud and clear! That’s why we chose to work with Milliken Carpet.

Like you, we’ve had the same problem with carpet in the past. When we realized that Milliken Carpet’s ideals aligned so well with our own and those of our customers, we knew we’d make a good team! Now we have a much wider variety of options to help you find the perfect fit for your home and your conscience. Contact us today for a free consultation to see how we can make your ideal carpet into your real carpet!