Mohawk Carpet: Sustainable and Comfortable

Mohawk Carpet Sustainable and Comfortable

One of the most popular types of flooring is carpet. Personal and commercial properties are often designed with carpet in mind. Carpet is famous due to its ability to hide stains, create comfort, and tie a room together. When creating new space, it is essential to keep in mind the aesthetic you’re looking for. Mohawk carpet is a brand that will meet all of your needs to ensure you have the proper space. Here are three key reasons to choose Mohawk Carpet over other brands.


In 2020 a major theme we see in all areas of life is sustainability. Sustainability is the avoidance of depleting natural resources to help maintain ecological balance. Mohawk has made this a priority in its business. Mohawk carpet offers hundreds of high-quality options made with recycled and renewable resources. Their products range from carpet, carpet cushion, hardwood, laminate, and even tile. Mohawk’s goal in its product creation is to make sure they’re perfect for you and the environment.


Some carpet manufacturers only design a few options for customers. Mohawk does just the opposite. They work tirelessly to create thousands of options to choose from. Not only does their carpet come in standard colors, but also unique ones like magenta, orange, purple, violet, and green. They’ve created thousands of carpet styles to meet every customers’ needs. Some of the styles include frieze, loop, pattern, and texture. No matter the preference, Mohawk carpet has it.


Mohawk carpet designs its carpet with customers in mind. They realize each customer comes with a story. Everyone’s lifestyle is different, so options are created with that in mind. As a result, the carpets are customized based on fiber brands. Fiber is what makes up the physical carpet. In other words, different textures create different feels. Mohawk created carpet using eight leading fiber brands. They choose eight options because they want their customers to find something they love. The eight possibilities include SmartStrand, SmartStrand Silk, SmartStrand Silk Reserve, Air.O, Forever Fresh Ultrasoft, Wear-Dated, Everstrand, and Permastrand. Each fiber creates something new.

For over 130 years, Mohawk has created quality flooring for the American home. They incorporate innovative design into all of their products to make life better. If you’re looking for Mohawk Carpet, look no further than Edwards Carpet and Flooring. Here at Edwards, we carry Mohawk Carpet to meet our customers’ needs. For more information on Mohawk carpet, visit us online here! To schedule an appointment or talk to someone, you can visit us at one of our five locations. We are located in Creve Coeur, Des Peres, Ellisville, South County, and St. Charles.