Mohawk Carpeting: Luxurious Style and Comfort

Mohawk Carpeting Luxurious Style and Comfort

No other flooring material is softer and more comfortable to live, work and play on than carpeting. Backed by Mohawk Industries’ solid reputation in the flooring industry, a decision to invest in a Mohawk carpet is always a smart choice. With thousands of colors and styles to choose from, there is a Mohawk carpeting that is suitable for the most demanding homes.

Why Carpeting?

Hands down, carpeting still provides the softest option available in flooring. For young families carpeting offers a soft, comfortable surface for young toddlers to take their first steps on, as well as providing cushioning for any falls. For seniors, carpeting offers a comfortable walking surface for aching joints. Unlike other flooring materials such as tile or laminate, carpet provides a non-slip surface as well, which becomes increasingly important as family members age.

Why Mohawk Carpeting?

With some of the best warranties in the business, an investment in Mohawk carpeting is a solid choice for any home remodeling project. Mohawk offers almost every color imaginable within their looped, textured, twisted and patterned styles. Mohawk makes carpet fibers from a wide variety of materials including various forms of nylon, New Zealand wool, wool/polyester blends, SmartStrand Silk, Kashmere and more. For those that need a hypoallergenic flooring that is easy to clean, Mohawk offers their VOC-free Air.o carpet line. Their Air.o carpet is also latex-free and does not absorb moisture, thus helping to prevent the growth of allergens and other microbes.

Flooring manufacturers have come a long way in developing innovative carpeting materials that are both pet and child-friendly. 3M Scotchgard™ Protector is available to protect carpet from stains and spills. In addition, Mohawk offers their Forever Fresh Ultrasoft technology. This newer technology doesn’t just hide odors, it neutralizes odors left by pets, dirt and other residue.

With all their advancements in carpet technologies, Mohawk understands that ultimately families want flooring that is beautiful, easy to clean and durable, and they deliver on all these qualities as well. If you would like to see what Mohawk carpeting can do for your home, please contact us!