Mohawk Hardwood Floors: A Versatile Choice

Mohawk Hardwood Floors A Versatile Choice

Mohawk is an industry leader in the worlds of both carpet and hardwood flooring. Yet many people fail to appreciate just how diverse Mohawk’s offerings are when it comes to hardwood floors. This article takes a closer look at three different product lines that make Mohawk hardwood flooring one of the most versatile product lines on the market today.

Solid Hardwood

Solid hardwood is what most people think of when it comes to hardwood flooring. These planks consist of solid pieces of domestic and exotic hardwoods chosen for their attractiveness and durability. The wood is stained and finished off with a protective coating. The coating yields the product that can withstand years of use and abuse.

Solid hardwood is prized for its ability to be refinished as time goes on. Because the floor consists of the same material from top to bottom, it can be sanded down as needed to refresh the surface. Solid hardwood tends to be the most expensive flooring option. Hardwood should not be in kitchens, basements, or bathrooms because of moisture vulnerability.

Engineered Hardwood

Engineered hardwood makes a more affordable alternative to solid. Here multiple layers of wood stick together and then topped off with another layer of hardwood. Engineered hardwood floors also have a greater degree of resistance to moisture, and can be for flooring installed atop concrete and below grade. Regardless, engineered hardwood needs to remain out of kitchens and bathrooms.

RevWood Plus

RevWood Plus is a proprietary flooring system created by Mohawk. Like engineered hardwood, RevWood Plus consists of multiple layers of wood that have been adhered together. Instead of a hardwood top layer, however, the floor finishes off with a so-called design layer. A special waterproof flooring system protects the whole.

RevWood Plus possesses an unparalleled degree of resistance to water, therefore it is extremely versatile. Furthermore, RevWood Plus can resist everyday wear and tear with a huge degree of resilience.

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