Mohawk Industries

Mohawk Industries

One of the top carpet brands we carry is Mohawk Industries. This company is not only known for its high-quality products but its brand as a whole. Here are the top three reasons why people love Mohawk Industries and why its been around for so long.


We know now more than ever, how important it is to be sustainable. Our environment is essential, and Mohawk Industries recognizes that. Due to this, Mohawk decided to go for a more sustainable approach to its products. They believe in material sourcing, which helps finds quality sources for their goods. Material sourcing is the stage that comes before any purchases are made and can be considered a subsection of the procurement stage. When you use an effective sourcing method, you find reliable, affordable, and quality suppliers to supply the goods you need. Also, every year Mohawk keeps more than three billion plastic bottles out of landfills by recycling them into carpet!


Mohawk has launched numerous differentiated collections that have changed the face of flooring, with an emphasis on fashion and performance. They know that to be successful, you need to be innovative. Mohawk Industries has a large selection of products, for example, carpet, tile, vinyl, and laminate. To create a product that will withstand the test of time, it needs to be high-quality. For example, they have designed both residential and commercial carpeting options to meet the needs of their customers. Their innovative collection of residential and commercial carpet delivers softness and performance to create warmth and comfort in any setting.


In order to be a successful flooring brand, you must have options. Mohawk Industries has an overwhelming amount of sections for its customers. They believe in creating and designing options that will fit anyone’s needs. In addition, the carpet should be stain and water-resistant. Mohawk offers different styles ranging from loop, pattern, texture, and twist. Each brings its own set of benefits to the space. You won’t have to worry about installation either, because Edward’s Carpet will come and do all the work for you.

For more information on Mohawk Industries and their flooring options, like carpet, visit Edward’s Carpet. At Edward’s, we believe in sourcing only the best flooring options for our customers. You can visit us online here or at any of our four stores located in Ellisville, Creve Couer, Des Peres, and St. Charles!