Why Choose Nouveax Engineered Vinyl Plank

Nouveax Engineered Vinyl Plank

When it comes to home renovations, there are many flooring options available today from hardwood to tile, and laminate to vinyl. While many of us love the look of hardwood and stone, finishing an entire project with these materials has its downsides. High-end hardwood, tile, and stone tend to be costly and maintaining these floors take a lot of work. That’s where Nouveax engineered vinyl plank comes in. Luxury vinyl allows you to have the look of these popular flooring options while retaining durability, flexibility and even allow for a more straightforward installation process.

What Makes Nouveax Engineered Vinyl Plank The Best

Nouveax Engineered Vinyl Plank is known as the highest quality flooring in the luxury vinyl category. Nouveax EVP is composed of a 4mm high-density composite core base, and the top layer is PVC. Nouveax comes in two collections, Premium and Select. The Select version has a 12 mil wear layer while the Premium version has a 20 mil wear layer. This design allows for incredible detail and texture while exceeding the already excellent performance seen in other luxury tile flooring. Nouveax also installs easily thanks to the Uniclic® locking system, which makes installation over most pre-existing hardwood and subfloor surfaces a breeze.

What makes Nouveax Engineered Vinyl Plank special:

  • Nouveax EVP’s vinyl backing makes it slip-resistant, and buffers sound transmission.
  • The Uniclic® system allows for easy installation over pre-existing floors.
  • The high-density construction hides subfloor imperfections with ease.
  • Nouveax is durable and offers excellent scratch resistance.
  • Nouveax is virtually waterproof thanks to its 12 mil and 20 mil wear layers.
  • Premium styles offer wood and stone designs in extra wide and extra long for added visual impact.
  • Select styles offer classic hardwood designs in standard 48″ lengths.

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