Why You Should Choose Nouveax Luxury Vinyl Floors

Nouveax Luxury Vinyl Floors

Why You Should Choose Nouveax Luxury Vinyl Floors

Wellmade Performance Flooring produces Nouveax luxury vinyl floors, which resemble wood planks. The level of quality of these floors rivals the floors for commercial customers. They are true to their name, these floors are well made.

Engineered Design

There is a thick high density composite core that makes the base of this fine flooring, and this high density core hides imperfections in the sub-floor beneath it. This rigid core technology allows the floor to exceed the standard of most luxury vinyl tile. It can even be installed over an existing floor. It also has an attached vinyl backer that adds slip resistance and reduces sound transmission. This is all on top of being beautiful wood plank design that is wonderfully waterproof.

Hardwood Beauty

Waterproof is something that real wood is not. It is what keeps us from having hardwood floors in our bathrooms and kitchen. The attention to detail on these planks is a wonderful feature of these floors, and the planks come in 48 inch lengths making the flooring even more charming. The longer lengths mean your floor goes together the same way real wood does.

The quality is the biggest feature here. You can count on this floor lasting until your next kitchen or bathroom remodel. Have you noticed we do not remodel these rooms very often? It is not uncommon to find tile in bathrooms that date back to the 60s and even some that are older than that. Wellmade’s motto is simply stated:

Elegance underfoot. Value and performance. Wellmade brings one-of-a-kind floors to life.

At Edwards Carpet & Flooring Centers, we would love to show you samples of these beautiful flooring options and answer any questions you have on flooring. Come by and visit any of our convenient locations or contact us today for more information.