Is Nylon Carpet Right For You?

Nylon Carpet

The In’s and Out’s of Nylon Carpet

Choosing between different carpet yarns may seem a little overwhelming at first.  This decision can leave you with quite a few questions, wondering which is right for you. Some people have heard of nylon carpet but aren’t quite sure exactly what it is, or why it is a good option to put in their home. It pays to have a base understanding of the material before making a final decision to buy.

Nylon, while it can cost more than other fibers, has a lot of good features that make it the first choice of many people. It is incredibly durable and resists stains well, especially when coupled with an added stain treatment. Furthermore, nylon carpet is known to stand up under heavy traffic and is the strongest fiber available. Different brands of Nylon use different methods to try to always be at the forefront of durability, stain resistance, and in some cases helping the environment through renewability. From Anso, Wear-Dated, StainMaster, and PureColor,  most families can find the perfect fit for their household.

Of course, the key to getting the perfect carpet is making sure you get exactly what covers the specific needs of your own family. Not having a knowledgeable person to guide you through the upsides and downsides of the many options available can leave you with regrets you wouldn’t otherwise have to live with. This is where we come in, if you need help finding and tailoring the perfect fit for your life contact Edwards Carpet today. With 80 years under our belts, no one is better equipped to match a carpet to your family and lifestyle.