Our Advice for the Best Flooring in Each Room 

Couple at a floor store looking at wood samples - home improvement concepts

There are three primary factors homeowners should consider when choosing the best flooring material for each room in their home: durability, functionality, and style. Although certain flooring types can work in any room, some materials are best suited for a specific space. The process becomes even more complicated when you throw in potential budget constraints.

You want to be confident you’re making the right decision before investing in your property. 

Because of the number of flooring options available today, settling on the right material can be challenging. In this article, we’ll give our advice on which flooring types work best for each room in your home.   

The Kitchen – Hardwood or Luxury Vinyl

No matter the occasion, if you’re hosting a gathering, everyone will end up in the kitchen. With that in mind, it’s important to choose a flooring material that’s both durable and stylish.

For decades, hardwood has been the standard for kitchen flooring. Not only will it stand up to significant foot traffic, but it also provides a timeless look that won’t fall out of fashion if you update your appliances, countertops, or other kitchen design elements.

If the price of real hardwood is prohibitive, there’s an alternative that provides an even higher degree of durability at a significantly lower cost. Not only is luxury vinyl durable, but it’s also available in a wide range of colors and styles to give you more control over the aesthetic.  

Bathrooms – Tile

Sinks and showers mean bathroom flooring must be able to handle moisture. Since that eliminates carpet from the discussion, you’re now left to choose between tile, hardwood, or luxury vinyl.

If the bathroom in question is a powder room (half bath) located right off the kitchen, we recommend keeping the same hardwood flooring or luxury vinyl for the sake of consistency. If it’s separated from the kitchen, tile makes a low-maintenance, highly-durable option.

For full bathrooms, tile is always the best choice due to its ability to stand up to moisture and humidity without issue. The numerous designs, styles, and colors available with tile mean you can be as creative as you want with your flooring. But it’s important to remember that trends change. Choosing a neutral tile color might not make a major statement initially, but it does allow you to easily update your vanity, wallpaper or paint, and other components of the space.

Basement and Living Room – Carpet or Area Rug

Common areas are meant for conversation, relaxation, and watching hours of your favorite movies and TV shows. Whether you’re a fan of modern or traditional design, we can all agree that “cozy” spaces have a place in every home.

New carpeting technology has not only made it softer and more luxurious, but the improved durability is also helping to put carpet back on the map. And then there’s another reason to get excited when you choose Edwards Carpet & Flooring for your carpet installation. We’ll give you a premium 8lb pad at no extra charge – it’s like walking on clouds.

Bedrooms – Your Space, Your Preference

Bedrooms should be a sanctuary. Traditional design rules don’t apply – this room is all about you!

The most common flooring choice for the bedroom is carpet, but it’s becoming more common to opt for hardwood combined with an area rug or even just hardwood on its own. Some homeowners have even chosen laminate and vinyl options to get the wood look without the wood price.

Our advice for bedroom flooring is to choose what makes you feel comfortable and happy. It’s worth noting that carpet is optimal for insulating a room and maintaining a consistent temperature. Not to mention, you won’t ever have to deal with stepping out of bed and onto a cold surface.  

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