The Outstanding Craftsmanship of Bruce Hardwood Flooring

The Outstanding Craftsmanship of Bruce Hardwood Flooring

Nothing says life-long quality and durability like hardwood flooring. In terms of flexibility and durability, the payoff that occurs from an investment in hardwood flooring is generational. No other flooring quite matches the beauty found in real wood materials, and real wood’s ability to reinvent a home’s flooring features through subsequent remodels is unmatched. With over 100 years in the business, Bruce Flooring knows what customers want when they decide to invest in Bruce hardwood flooring.

Why Hardwood?

There’s a reason why hardwood flooring is the premiere choice in flooring. The rich colors and styles, the time-tested durability, the flexibility that hardwood offers when homeowners want to change up their home’s interior through a remodel, all of these attributes are unique to hardwood flooring. Whether the preference is for solid wood or wide plank engineered wood, customers know that Bruce builds only the best flooring products.

Rich hardwoods are great for making a grand statement in living rooms, kitchens and dining areas. Hardwood flooring is also a great choice for high-traffic areas such as foyers, bedrooms and hallways. Hardwood flooring is built to last for generations and can easily be modified years down the road when homeowners are ready for a remodeling project.

Why Bruce Hardwood Flooring?

Bruce knows that customers want the best when they decide to invest in hardwood flooring. They reflect that desire in their wide variety of colors, design styles, specialty finishes, and the generous variety of wood species their craftsmen use to make masterpieces for the home. Bruce hardwood flooring starts with quality wood — the majority of their products are derived from premium and select grade hardwood grown right here in the U.S. All of their hardwood flooring goes through a rigorous 75 point checklist to ensure that only the best pieces are delivered to customers. Whether a customers prefers more traditional hardwoods like oak, maple, ash, hickory, birch, cherry or walnut, or if they prefer the look of an American Exotic, Bruce makes it beautiful with their rustic, contemporary, hand scraped and smooth finishes.

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