PET Carpet 101

PET Carpet

What is PET Carpet?

Are you looking for an eco-friendly carpet for your home or a remodeling project? If so, PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) carpet may be exactly what you are looking for. Although the chemical name is daunting, PET carpeting is definitely something you will want to see before making your final carpet decisions.

PET carpet is a polyester carpeting with many advantages over other types of carpet. These advantages include being:

  • Easily dyeable – providing a large variety of vivid colors
  • Economical – PET carpets tend to cost less than carpets made from other fibers
  • Durable and wear resistant – a PET carpet with a high twist will resist matting
  • Fade resistant – bright, vivid colors will not fade over time
  • Soil and stain resistant – PET resists everyday soil and stains from setting into the fibers
  • Easily cleaned – since PET fibers are soil and stain resistant, carpet cleaning is simple and easy. Most spills can be simply blotted up with a paper towel.
  • Resistant to mildew – PET fibers do not hold in moisture and therefore do not allow mildew to build up.
  • Low flammability – PET fibers tend to melt instead of rapidly burn

There are many different types of carpets on the market, but PET carpets could be just what you are looking for in an area that needs a brightly colored carpet that is easy to keep clean and easy on your budget.

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