Pinnacle Hardwoods – Flooring That Will Last a Lifetime

Pinnacle Hardwoods - Flooring That Will Last a Lifetime

No other type of flooring offers durability and flexibility than Pinnacle hardwoods. When homeowners invest in wood flooring, they know they’ve purchased a product that will endure for a lifetime. Hardwood offers flexibility that no other types of flooring can match as well. Real hardwood flooring is easily repurposed. Years or even decades down the road a homeowner might decide to remodel areas within the home. This flexibility is desirable to those who prefer to invest only in long-lasting, high-quality products.

Why Pinnacle Hardwoods?

Pinnacle knows that for a product to last a lifetime, it must be exceptional. High-quality materials must be incorporated into the product from the very beginning. This is why they use time-tested Eucalyptus wood as their base material. Whereas other companies might use a softer Poplar or Birch as the base for their hardwood flooring line. Pinnacle’s entire line is based upon a specific type of wood. One that is harder, denser, and much more stable than other lower-quality wood products.

From a strong, stable base, Pinnacle branches out from there, offering a complete line of gorgeous options. Their hardwoods come in a variety of sizes, including the increasingly popular wide plank engineered wood, as well as both 2 1/4″ and 3 1/4″ solid wood plank widths. Their hardwoods come in a variety of colors such as light gray and blonde, both of which look fabulous in rooms with a contemporary design, as well as rich-looking, darker-colored woods that add warmth and character to more traditional decors. Whether a homeowner wants a smooth finish for their wood floors or whether they prefer the rugged look of a hand-scraped finish, Pinnacle delivers by offering a wide range of choices of both styles and colors.

Ideal for Anywhere

Wood flooring can add a luxurious look to almost any room of the house. Since wood flooring is known for its outstanding beauty, many homeowners decide to install hardwood flooring in their main living areas or bedrooms, which in turn, enhances the type of décor they selected for these rooms. Its smooth clean up features also make it an ideal choice for high traffic areas such as hallways, kitchens, the dining area, and bathrooms.

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