Reasons to Choose Mohawk Laminate Floors

Reasons to Choose Mohawk Laminate Floors

Whether you’re remodeling your entire home or doing a room at a time, flooring is an important decision. There are many options out there that would compliment any decor, but laminate brings a unique vibe. Here are three reasons you’ll want to consider Mohawk laminate flooring for your home.

It’s Good for the Planet

Mohawk is a brand that takes sustainability seriously, and they believe that it matters how the flooring is made. Their products derive from recycled and renewable resources from beginning to end. This means you can trust that this flooring is not only an excellent choice for you but also the planet. They genuinely care and commit to producing eco-friendly flooring, while still providing a beautiful, high-quality look for your home.

It’s Good for your Pocket Book

If you’ve longed for wood or ceramic for your floors but can’t justify the costs, why not try laminate flooring? It’s got the same look like the other options, but it costs significantly less. And Mohawk provides warranties on their laminate flooring that ranges from 10 to 50 years, so you’ll be covered if anything should happen to your beautiful, new floors.

It’s Good for Your Family

The durability of laminate flooring makes it not only good for your wallet but also perfect for your family. High traffic areas are no match for this scratch-resistant flooring option. Kids, pets, and anything else that might be at risk for damaging your floors will have met their match with Mohawk laminate floors.

Mohawk laminate flooring is an excellent choice for kitchens, laundry rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, basements, and playrooms – pretty much anywhere in your home – meeting your needs in every way that matters. Contact us today to learn more reasons why you should choose Mohawk and how we can provide your home with new beautiful, affordable Mohawk laminate floors.