Reasons To Choose Tarkett Vinyl Flooring

Reasons To Choose Tarkett Vinyl Flooring

Edward’s Carpet is dedicated to bringing only the best flooring options into our showrooms. We do this because we want our customers to have the best selection to choose from. One of our most popular flooring options is vinyl flooring from Tarkett. We chose Tarkett vinyl flooring to join our showroom for a variety of reasons. Here’s why!


We believe in protecting and caring for the environment, so people can enjoy it after we’re gone. That is the whole purpose of sustainability. Tarkett has made stability a staple in their business and their flooring items. At Tarkett, their approach to sustainability is woven into the fabric of how they do business. They do this by committing to three main things.

First, they’re dedicated to creating a circular economy, meaning they use other materials to turn them into something new. Their goal is to preserve our planet’s natural resources and reduce the impact we have on climate change. Secondly, only use high-quality materials. Some flooring companies opt for cheaper quality materials, which end up showing in their products in the long run. Tarkett uses high-quality materials and is completely transparent about all of them. Lastly, Tarkett is committed to the health and wellness of its customers. They strive to use products that facilitate high standards of indoor air quality.


Tarkett not only provides flooring for residential spaces but commercial as well. To meet the standards of both markets, they continuously design new options for customers.  Tarkett offers different materials, colors, and patterns to match your space’s needs. Some of the patterns include allover, concrete, texture, and wood. They have almost every color you can imagine as well. Some of the places you will find Tarkett vinyl is in homes, schools, hospitals, and high traffic areas. Their diverse designs are sure to match any space you are creating. In addition to design, Tarkett also received asthma and allergy-friendly certification from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. So not only will you find the design you love, but it is safe for your family as well!

To learn more about Tarkett vinyl flooring, visit us at Edward’s Carpet! We carry a variety of brands, including Tarkett, that of the highest industry standard. You can visit us online here or at any of our four stores in Ellisville, Des Peres, St. Charles, and Creve Couer. Find the right vinyl for you with Tarkett Flooring at Edward’s Carpet today!