The Shaw Carpet Advantage

Shaw Carpet

What Can Shaw Carpet Do For You?

If you’re thinking of investing in new carpeting for your home, consider the benefits you’ll get with a Shaw Carpet. Not only is Shaw carpeting a beautiful product, but it offers some distinct advantages to consider when you’re sizing up the competition:

Superior Stain Resistance

In 2001, after years of research and extensive testing, Shaw introduced its exclusive R2X Stain and Soil Resistance System. Hailed by industry experts as a “new generation” in carpet technology, it’s still the most innovative breakthrough in stain and soil prevention today. The R2X System goes beyond conventional repellents that protect only the surface of the carpet. It protects every strand of yarn from top to bottom, offering unprecedented protection against accidental spills and normal, everyday soiling. In testing, Shaw’s R2X System provided outstanding protection on two distinct levels:

  1. It offers better initial protection than the competition.
  2. It gives you more time to react to a spill or stain.

Most importantly, it performs well on polyester and polypropylene carpet fibers, which have a tendency to attract soil. Unlike topical treatments which treat only the surface of the carpet and tend to wear off over time, R2X continues to perform well, even after repeated cleanings. That alone makes it worth its weight in gold, as the saying goes, especially if you’ve got kids or pets.

Superior Backing Material

Shaw’s SoftBac Platinum carpet backing has several advantages over traditional backings, including:

  • Softness and flexibility
  • Superb wrinkle resistance
  • Stronger, less visible seams
  • Better flexibility during cold weather
  • Better sound absorption and insulating properties
  • Tougher adhesive strength

Since they introduced SoftBac Platinum backing nearly 20 years ago, it’s consistently been rated as more comfortable than comparable products regardless of the quality of padding used.

Comfort, durability, better appearance and superior stain resistance — what more could you ask for in a carpet?

Giving Back

Shaw Carpet doesn’t stop with quality, beauty and performance. What started as Shaw’s sponsorship in the St. Jude Dream HomeĀ® Giveaway back in 2011 has evolved and now includes:

  • The St. Jude’s Carpet Collection by Shaw, which encompasses 46 carpet styles. Proceeds from every yard of carpet sold from the Collection support St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.
  • A co-branded carpet pad for which a portion of the proceeds go to St. Jude’s.
  • Continued and expanded support for the St. Jude Dream HomeĀ® Giveaway which raises more than $20 million annually for the charity.

and more, including the personal support of many Shaw associates who’ve been inspired to donate and participate in events to support St. Jude’s. In fact, Shaw has done so much, that St. Jude’s recognized Shaw as the “New Corporate Partner of the Year” in 2013.

If you’re as sold on Shaw Carpet as we are, contact us. We’re Edwards Carpet & Flooring Centers with five locations in St. Louis and St. Charles counties. We’ve been serving the area for more than 75 years. We carry Shaw Carpet and offer free padding and removal of your old carpet with every installation!