Shaw Carpet: Stand Out from the Crowd

shaw carpet

If you are shopping for carpet, you know just how many choices exist. Visit any flooring store and you will find endless brands, colors, styles, patterns and prices. Shaw Carpet stands out from the crowd because of the unique backing and the stain protection they offer.

Shaw Carpet uses a unique Softbac backing material. The adhesive in this backing material sticks firmly to the floor surface during installation. This prevents the carpet from moving over time and wrinkling. This backing also offers better sound absorption and insulation than other brands which families love. Customers love the way this backing material keeps their carpet looking and feeling brand new for many years.

Think about how much time you spend with your family on your carpet and the damage children and pets can do to flooring. The R2X stain protection that is unique to Shaw carpet protects it from any type of liquid or dirt that might stain other carpets permanently. Anything spilled on the carpet will not be absorbed by the entire carpet thread like it would with other brands. Stains will wipe up easily and quickly, not leaving any trace. Cleaning the carpets won’t reduce the stain protections effectiveness.

Your Shaw carpet comes with Lifeguard waterproof backing as well which further protects it and helps keep it looking great. Spills won’t travel down to the carpet pad and cause permanent damage. Any liquid you spill stays on the top level which allows you to soak it up and move on. The waterproof backing also prevents hard to repair damage to the subfloor.

All the carpet brands tell you they are the best but only Shaw carpet can live up to that claim. They stand behind their product so you and your family can enjoy it without worry. To find out more, contact us.