Shaw Laminate Floors – Flooring for Life

Shaw Laminate Floors - Flooring for Life

Today’s families want their floors to reflect their own personal style, yet they want flooring to fulfill the more practical aspects of life as well, including being easy to clean and care for. Shaw laminate floors offer all those qualities and more. With almost 75 years of flooring experience behind them, Shaw Flooring offers a beautiful line of laminate flooring options that will stand up to the demands of the busiest families.

Why Laminate Flooring?

Laminate flooring is a great choice for almost every remodeling project since it can be “floated” or installed over almost every other surface including cement. Shaw’s laminate flooring can even be installed over radiant heating systems, making it an excellent choice for those who want fabulous-looking, warm and cozy flooring. For the allergy prone, laminate flooring also has hypoallergenic qualities. The underlayment beneath the laminate flooring helps to prevent mold from forming. Unlike carpet, there is little room for dust to gather, thus reducing the irritation experienced by those allergic to dust and other particles.

Laminate flooring is so easy to care for as well. Whether it is a pet accident or a spill from a small toddler, clean up is easy. Laminate flooring is durable enough to withstand stains and scratches — holding its beauty against the most demanding challenges. This is another important feature for the budget conscious as well. Families on a budget need long-lasting flooring, yet they still want a home that is comfortable and inviting. Laminate flooring delivers by offering great-looking, fade-resistant floors at a fraction of the price of more expensive flooring types.

Why Shaw Laminate Floors?

Shaw Industries stands behind all their products, backing their laminate flooring options with impressive warranties ranging from 10 to 50 years. With a wide array of gorgeous looks and colors to choose from, you won’t believe how beautiful your new floors are going to be!

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