Southwind Carpet: Great Quality at Affordable Prices

Southwind Carpet Great Quality at Affordable Prices

At some point, you will be wanting to change the carpet somewhere in your house. Whether it is the high traffic living room or one of the bedrooms. No matter which room it is, the best choice to go with is Southwind Carpet because it is high quality and affordable.

What makes Southwind great

Southwind Carpet is a Cherokee Carpet that privately established itself in 1994. Since they first started they have maintained a sole focus on producing high quality, affordable broadloom carpeting.

Southwind Carpet offers a complete range of residential and commercial options for your carpeting needs. The sales staff is experienced and ready to help with any questions you might have about their quality carpet.

Going Green

Being a green company is very important to Southwind. Their polyurethane carpet backing is eco-friendly and made especially for residential spaces.

Other ways they stay green are:

  • Carpet is made from renewable recycled materials (50% green by weight)
  • Made with recycled PET plastic
  • Replaced 90% of the petroleum-based polymers with polymers derived from soybeans.
  • Features the patent-pending Extruded Fiberization adhesion layer that helps to provide increased flexibility and strength.
  • Every yard of EnviroCel that is installed adds to the production of soybean growth. This helps in lowering the CO2 from the air.
  • With the great care and quality put into their carpet, they last longer. This means not having to replace as often and less ending up in the landfills.

Where to get your Southwind Carpet today

At Edward’s Carpet, they have a wide selection of flooring types. Southwind Carpet is one of those types of flooring that they have for sale. When you are ready to place your order for your eco-friendly carpet, contact Edward’s Carpet today for a free consultation.

Replacing your carpet with Southwind Carpet is the best choice you can make for your home flooring.