Spruce Up Your Home With Shaw Carpet

Spruce Up Your Home With Shaw Carpet

As St. Louis flooring professionals, the staff here at Edwards Carpet & Flooring Centers has always admired the way Shaw Carpets does business. Beyond manufacturing high quality, durable carpets, they support families, communities and organizations as part of their mission. That’s why we love Shaw carpets for homes, and we think you will too! Spruce up your home with Shaw Carpet.

Is Your Home Due for a Freshening?

As the 2019 holiday season gets underway, your home becomes a place of family gatherings, of communication and reflection. Now is the ideal time to update your interior and make a cozy home with a new carpet by Shaw. They’ve made recent advances, and their carpet collections boast innovations with:

  • Fresh, updated colors
  • Improved clean-ability
  • Stain resistance
  • Cozy textures

If Your Family is Hard on Carpets, Choose the Durability of Shaw

In the flooring business, a thorough meeting with our customers is the key to your satisfaction. Our conversations go beyond square footage and dimensions. To really understand the best flooring option for your family we need to know about your pets, your foot traffic, the ages of family members and more. By creating a more complete customer profile, we can direct you to the right brands of flooring to suit your needs.

For large families or those with many pets, Shaw carpets are always our first choice.

  • For very busy family, or multi-family home entryways, Shaw recommends entry-way mats designed to capture soil before it gets into the living space.

About Edwards Carpet & Flooring

Edwards Carpet & Flooring is the oldest, largest, locally owned flooring company serving St. Louis and St. Charles. Our goal is to provide the highest quality service, flooring materials, and installation at the lowest price possible.

We don’t ever throw inexperienced sales people out on the floor to talk to customers. When you walk into one of our showrooms, know that you’re dealing with an experienced flooring expert, every single time.

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