Tarkett Vinyl Flooring – It’s Not Your Mother’s Vinyl Floors

Tarkett Vinyl Flooring

A lot has changed in recent years with regard to flooring options and the new vinyl flooring choices offer some amazing, yet practical new features. If you think your only options to enjoy wood-look flooring is actual hardwood, or perhaps a laminate flooring, think again. Tarkett vinyl flooring offers a great selection for multiple areas of the home. Foyers, bedrooms, hallways, kitchens, playrooms — even living rooms can look beautiful with the right vinyl flooring.

Tarkett, a leading manufacturer of vinyl flooring, offers a multitude of richly colored vinyl flooring options that truly do mimic the look of hardwood. Of course, one of the top reasons why homeowners might decide to choose vinyl flooring over real hardwood is price. Tarkett vinyl flooring is much more affordable than actual hardwood flooring, making it a wise choice for those who want great looking floors without seriously compromising their flooring budget. In addition, there are many features that vinyl flooring offers that are very appealing. Vinyl floors offers superior cushioning ability; great for those who experience painful joints. The cushioning feature also makes it an ideal choice for playrooms since it provides a softer surface for playtime activities, yet offers easy cleanup. There are also vinyl flooring choices that mimic the look of hard tile, so homeowners have even more options. Tarkett vinyl flooring is very low maintenance and is also moisture resistant, making it an excellent choice for foyers, bathrooms and laundry areas.

Here at Edwards Carpet, we carry only the best brand names of flooring manufacturers. We know that new flooring for the home is a significant investment and we want our clients to be completely satisfied with their flooring purchase. We can help you select the perfect flooring for your home that is guaranteed to be beautiful and within your budget. If you would like to know more about Tarkett vinyl flooring options for your home, pleaseĀ contact us.