Choose Tarkett Vinyl for Simple Elegance

Tarkett Vinyl

For the homeowner who values durability and sustainability, Tarkett vinyl is a great choice for simple yet elegant flooring solutions. For more than 130 years, Tarkett has been an industry leader in providing quality, beautiful flooring for adding just the right personal flourish to your home.

Tarkett vinyl offers you the beauty of wood floors at a fraction of the cost. But you will get so much more than just great-looking floors in your home. Tarkett vinyl flooring contains a layer of additional cushioning that will significantly lower foot traffic noise while it adds comfort and support. With its antimicrobial and moisture resistant properties, Tarkett vinyl provides the ultimate in functional, beautiful, and easy to clean flooring.

Vinyl flooring is the ultimate solution for striking the delicate balance between wanting the beauty of a hardwood floor but with a limited budget. It is truly a no-muss, no-fuss kind of deal. Clean up is quick and simple. With the incredible selection available from Tarkett, you’ll have more than enough styles, designs, and motifs to choose from.

Tarkett vinyl will make absolutely any room look brand new! Turn your kitchen into a spill-resistant gourmet chef’s paradise. Add just the right style to liven up your gaming room. Make your bathroom a clean, bright spot in the house again. Choose the right vinyl to complete your perfect work space in the basement. With the quality of Tarkett vinyl, it’s all possible.

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