Introducing Tarkett’s Vinyl Flooring Collections

Tarkett's vinyl flooring collections

Tarkett has been providing sustainable and diverse flooring solutions for their clients over 130 years. They are a world leader in the flooring industry and strive to be a unique flooring solution provider. They provide a one of a kind experience for their customers by offering diversified products, top-notch expertise, unparalleled tech support, and innovative design.

Tarkett’s Vinyl Flooring Collections

Tarkett offers several unique collections. Many of Tarkett’s vinyl flooring collections use a patented fast locking system, FreeSpan Locking Technology, making for quick and easy installation. The Vista and Origins offer the patented Tritonite® coating making them heavy-duty options and several series are phthalate free, improving your homes indoor air quality.

  • ProGen includes 22 high-definition wood finishes. Its waterproof and rigid design give it superior scratch and impact resistance making it perfect for high-traffic areas.
  • Premiere is available in 13 plank and 14 tile designs. It is scuff, stain and scratch resistant making it ideal for kitchens and baths as well as commercial settings.
  • Transcend™ Sureset™ offers bold waterproof wood and stone designs—great for wet rooms. The unique sculpted wave backing system increases flexibility, and pre-applied adhesive makes installation a breeze.
  • Transcend™ Click comes in 19 plank and five tile designs. This collection is known for being child and pet-friendly. Its waterproof performance just adds to its allure.
  • Permastone has 80 designs inspired by beautiful wood and tile finishes. The glue-down installation options including both “groutable” and “groutless” formats to help further personalize your flooring.
  • Aloft Click & Gluedown comes in several wood finishes between them and offers 12 mil wear protection resulting in natural moisture resistance.
  • Access is available in ten woodgrains and four stone finishes. This flooring is phthalate free, improving your homes indoor quality. Water resistance is just an added benefit when it comes to this affordable flooring option.
  • Vista is available in 11 designs and is perfect for the person on a budget. Vista offers a five-star look at an entry-level cost and the scuff, scratch, and stain resistance makes your money go a long way.
  • Origins comes in eight plank and five tile designs covering everything from hardwood to ceramic. If you are looking for long-lasting traditional designs at an affordable price, Origins is for you.

If you would like more information about Tarkett’s vinyl flooring collections for your renovation, please contact us.