The Beauty Of Atlas Concorde Tile Flooring

The Beauty of Atlas Concorde Tile Flooring

Edwards Carpet is proud to be partnered with a premier ceramic tile manufacturer who is recognized by both architects and interior designers. This is one of the most preferred tile products due to its strength and endurance. Homeowners love Atlas Concorde Tile because it is not only moisture-proof, but it will withstand heavy wear and tear and last years to come. Due to the increasing popularity of this product, we decided to explain what makes it a top contender on the market.

Made In Italy

Atlas Concorde is a company that identifies with Olde World craftsmanship and the same values expressed in the Italian ethical code of products. These products proudly bear the high-quality Italian trademark, thus making it a famous brand. When people are looking for tile options, they expect an exceptional product. Atlas Concorde is manufactured with the highest quality of raw materials and is perfectly finished for uncompromising beauty and appearance. Therefore, making it one of the most exceptional options on the market today.


When choosing flooring options, diversification is critical. You want to make sure you can find something to fit the space and the environment. No matter your design preference, Atlas has it. They offer a range of products from small porcelain slabs to large commercial interior design sizes. We want to make sure you find the perfect size for your designated area. Our standard sizes include:

  • 12″x12″ inch floor tiles
  • 12″x22″ inch wall tiles
  • 2″x11″ inch trim tiles

We also offer various architectural styles, as well. Atlas Concorde has a tile collection to fit your decorating tastes, including simulate marble tile, simulated concrete, ceramic stone, simulated wood, color ceramics, and 3S wall design tiles.

Classic Color Options

Today’s modern flooring excels when it maintains a simple and classic look. The simplicity of style allows the excellence of the material to shine through. This is why Atlas flooring is available in the preferred colors to fit any interior. Muted and nuanced colors bring out the best in ceramic flooring. Choose from Atlas Concorde tile floor color that brings out the best in your space. Our popular colors include white, grey, black, ivory, and cream. The neutral colors are the simplest and best way to make your area look bigger and brighter!

For more information on Atlas Concorde Flooring, visit us at Edward’s Carpet. We provide a large selection of top-notch flooring brands, including Atlas Concorde Tile. You can visit us online here or at any of our four stores in Ellisville, St. Charles, Des Peres, and Creve Couer.