The Beauty Underneath: Pinnacle Hardwood Flooring

Pinnacle Hardwood

Your floors are going to experience some high traffic. We don’t overthink about the wear and tear that our floor takes, but it is substantial. For this reason, the quality of your floor matters. Hardwood floors are both beautiful and highly durable, but all are not created equally. Pinnacle hardwood floors are among the finest on the market. They have served the market for over 100 years with the highest quality materials and standards.

Environmentally Responsible

Pinnacle flooring has a deep respect for this natural resource. What they use, they use wisely. They have pledged their support for restoration efforts and preserving wood for generations to come. Also, Pinnacle commits itself to protecting nature’s abundant resources. It is backed by raw material procurement and manufacturing processes certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. By choosing this brand, you are joining us in the commitment to honor our natural resources.

Quality Material

Pinnacle flooring wants customers to have the highest quality of hardwood for their homes. Not only is their wood durable, but beautiful as well. Their hardwood uses the most technologically advanced manufacturing innovations to craft their flooring. Therefore, this is the perfect solution for those who want quality, affordability, and style.


With the best practices and materials, it’s hard to beat the hardwood products Pinnacle offers. They can offer a style of hardwood for any residential or commercial location. With different wood types, textures, and colors, you can find the perfect hardwood floor for your home. They have a more rustic look, traditional looks, vintage looks, and so much more. After being a leader in the flooring industry for so long, it’s safe to say that Pinnacle will stand the test of time. No matter your style, there is a Pinnacle hardwood floor for you.

At Edward’s Carpet, we are a proud carrier of Pinnacle hardwood flooring. If you would like more information on Pinnacle flooring or the other hardwood flooring options we provide, visit us online here. You can visit us at any of our five locations in Ellisville, Des Peres, Creve Coeur, South County, and St. Charles.