The Best New Flooring Trends of 2022

Stylish Hardwood Floors

The impact that a stylish floor has on a room cannot be overstated.  With that being said, the perfect floor isn’t just about finding the ideal aesthetic. Choosing a durable material that can stand up to the rigors of everyday life is essential.  It’s important to take both utility and appearance into consideration when you’re making your flooring choice.

In this article, we’ll cover the flooring trends that interior designers and homeowners are expecting to see everywhere in 2022.

1. Vinyl Flooring Grows in Popularity

Technology has made huge strides when it comes to the materials used in the flooring industry. Both traditional vinyl flooring, as well as luxury vinyl, have already emerged as one the year’s biggest winners.

It’s easy to understand why vinyl has become such a popular option at both the residential and commercial level – it has the distinguished look of real hardwood and tile, but at a significantly-reduced cost. Not to mention, cleaning and maintenance is a breeze, even for households with young children or pets.

2. Tile in All Rooms

You’d be hard-pressed to find a room in your home that doesn’t look instantly better after installing the latest tile options available today. Tile has always been, and will always be a premier option for bathrooms and laundry rooms as it tolerates moisture better than just about any other flooring type. But with the latest styles and design capabilities, tile flooring has expanded its reach into other spaces including kitchens, foyers, and basements.

Both wood and vinyl tile is easy to install, performs well under heavy foot traffic, and gives homeowners the chance to create a look that’s uniquely their own. Perhaps the biggest challenge associated with tile flooring is simply choosing the right style with so many options available! 

3. Premium Carpet

A mainstay in homes across America for decades, it’s hard to consider carpet a “trend.” Still, it’s important to resist passing judgement on this timeless classic – it’s undergone a true evolution in recent years. Modern carpets offer the potential for dynamic designs, with geometric patterns becoming more popular in spaces with a contemporary look.

Homeowners still love the comfort that carpet provides in living rooms and other relaxation or play areas. With that in mind, every carpet we install at Edwards Carpet & Flooring gets a premium 8lb pad included at no extra charge.

4. Stylish Hardwood

Hardwood has long-been considered the standard when it comes to luxury flooring. Although other forms of flooring have grown in popularity, hardwood has made its own improvements in terms of style and durability.

Today’s hardwood trends include lighter colors, which help give a welcoming look and feel to any space in your place.

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