The Most Innovated Carpet: Milliken Carpet

The Most Innovated Carpet: Milliken Carpet

IThe more time people spend in their homes during quarantine, the more home updates are done. If you are in the market for new flooring, this might be the time to jump. One of the more popular flooring options in homes today is carpet. Also, if you want to replace your flooring with carpet, we recommend Milliken Carpet. Milliken Carpet is one of the most innovative and design-focused flooring options on the market. Here is why!


Milliken has stated they find inspiration in the power and beauty that meaningful design inspires. Due to this, Milliken dedicates itself to creating unique and modern designs for any residential or commercial spaces. Their carpet ranges in sizes, shapes, colors, and textures. Whatever you need, they have. They have created a variety of designs to fit all styles. If you are looking for thoughtfully designed carpet, Milliken can provide it.


Choosing the right carpet is a big decision. Milliken carpet not only provides beautiful designs but a promise to sustainability. By choosing this carpet, not only are you’re provided with sustainable flooring but joining Milliken in their goal for cleaner living. Milliken states,

“We are committed to strive for a goal of zero waste generation to all media – land, air, water – to be achieved by continual improvement in all of our operations. This goal will guide the conduct of our manufacturing operations, the development of new products, and our interaction with our suppliers and customers. Recycling of materials is an integral part of this on-going effort.”

In other words, they are dedicated to the environment!


Milliken Carpet will help enhance the appearance of your space, residential or commercial. Carpet is an excellent flooring option for areas like living rooms, bedrooms, basements, playrooms, dining rooms, and offices. It provides a warm and welcome feel to any room. You can rest easy knowing your guests and family will be comfortable in your home.

For more information on Milliken Carpet, visit Edward’s Carpet online here. At Edwards, we carry a variety of brands including Milliken, in our stores. In addition to carpet, we offer other flooring options like vinyl, hardwood, tile, and more. Check out one of our five locations in Ellisville, Des Peres, Creve Couer, South County, or St. Charles today!