Three Surprising Facts About Marazzi Tile

Marazzi Tile

Worn-out carpets, scuffed laminate, peeling vinyl: if it’s time to upgrade your high-traffic living spaces, consider choosing Marazzi tile for your next flooring project. Not all tile is made equal, and you’ll be thrilled with the combination of style and durability of Marazzi’s Italian tiles. Gone are the days of bland, soulless tile rooms with no personality! Check out these three surprising facts about using tile in your next home improvement project.

  • Tile isn’t just for floors. Use Marazzi tile to give your walls a polished, sophisticated look. Tile walls are especially nice in rooms where you need protection against moisture, like kitchens, bathrooms, or even pool areas. Marazzi tile comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can create a perfect backsplash mosaic or easily cover a large wall space, and it’s easy to install in vertical spaces.
  • Tile doesn’t have to look like tile. Love the look of a wood floor but need a material that won’t absorb water? There are Marazzi tiles that can let you achieve that look. With different glazes and tile shapes, you can get any look you want, from traditional tile to brick, concrete, wood, or even metal.
  • Tile is healthy and environmentally-friendly. Tile is a great choice for your home if you’re looking for a nonallergenic, non-flammable material. It’s easy to clean, and it won’t emit harmful VOCs. Plus, Marazzi prides itself on complying with environmental initiatives that minimize its manufacturing and shipping impacts.

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