Timeless Designs Luxury Vinyl Click Collection Adds Beauty To Any Home

Timeless Designs luxury vinyl click

Timeless Designs luxury vinyl click collection gives your floors the look of wood with lower costs and easy maintenance. Edwards Carpet offers this entire collection of elegant vinyl flooring in a variety of color combinations to enhance and add value to your home.


Timeless Designs luxury vinyl click offers durability and low maintenance along with high fashion. The vinyl collection has a special finish that protects the flooring from ultraviolet rays that can fade the colors.

The surface of the Luxury Vinyl Click collection will withstand dirty feet, animals, spills, furniture, wheelchairs and other items that are tough on floors. It is resistant to scratches and dents and it is waterproof. The surface is easily swept or washed. It remains clean and shiny.

The Collections

Luxury Vinyl Click comes in six different collections that mimic real wood in their look and design. The products can be installed in planks with the Valinge Click Locking System to imitate hardwood boards. The planks are identical to the grain in hardwood floors including oak, acacia, maple and other woods. They can be installed in a “mix and match” pattern within any of the collections.

The iCharacter collection with a 4.0 mm thickness offers four different colors that have a rugged look although the texture is smooth vinyl. This includes Barnwood, Smoke, Tobacco, and Havana colors that are perfect for rustic interior designs. The planks can be mixed for an interesting country cabin appearance.

The eight Everlasting products with 5.5 mm overall thickness replicate various classic colors of oak along with Heritage Woods. The four Millennium collections in different thicknesses offer 30 products including colors in ash wood, chestnut, and dogwood. There are grey pewter tones and vinyl that replicates reclaimed wood. Other vinyl colors replicate marble and quartz.

Timeless Designs Luxury Vinyl Click will look good in any room where you want the appearance of natural hardwood. Since St. Louis area winters are cold, you may want to add area rugs to some of your floors. The vinyl will complement the area rugs.

Visit our Edwards Carpet showrooms at any of our five locations in St. Louis and Charles counties. Look at our samples of Luxury Vinyl and we will give you a free consultation on how you can use these beautiful products to enhance your home.