Timeless Designs Luxury Vinyl Flooring for Your Home

Timeless Designs Luxury Vinyl Flooring

What is vinyl click plank flooring? Well, it’s not your Mom’s vinyl flooring. In the 80’s, sheet vinyl and vinyl tile were very popular. It was an attractive flooring for the time, that came in a variety of patterns, was cushioned, and usually shiny. It was cleanable, but the worst feature about it was it could dent or gauge easily. The sheet vinyl was hard to install for a DIY project, so it had to be professionally installed.

The Right Product

Today, the premium product is vinyl plank flooring. It comes in strips and comes in wood look or tile designs. The designs are very authentic looking in comparing with real wood or tile. Timeless Designs offers four main collections, with many choices of wood or tile looks. It is comfortable underfoot with some natural cushion inherent in the product. This means it is also more forgiving than tile and wood when fragile objects, such as an ornament from the Christmas tree, take a tumble. It is highly scratch resistant, and if it would get damaged, it is easy to replace one strip. Maybe the best thing is that it is waterproof. Pets, children, and just everyday things in your home will not affect the finish of the plank vinyl. If pets or children cause a mess, just wipe it up and keep enjoying your fabulous flooring.


To install a vinyl click plank floating floor, use the same methods as laminate flooring. However, it is much easier, and no underlayment is needed. Just start with a clean, level floor. Vinyl click plank flooring is flexible, therefore easy to line up and tap into place. Unlike laminate flooring, you will not get those unwanted separations over time. Another feature is vinyl click flooring can be installed over floor heating elements. Timeless Designs luxury vinyl flooring provides this great instruction sheet for installing the flooring. However, if you do not have the time or inclination to DIY, you can contract to have the flooring installed when you make the purchase.

Timeless Designs truly produces the best luxury vinyl for your home. It can be installed anywhere in your home, and even over some flooring surfaces. When you realize that the Timeless Designs luxury vinyl flooring comes with a 25-year warranty for residential use, you will know there is no better choice. To make your choice of style of your Timeless Designs luxury vinyl flooring, just contact us.