Why Timeless Designs Luxury Vinyl Flooring Is The Choice For You

Timeless Designs Luxury Vinyl

Timeless Designs Luxury Vinyl Floors

Here at Edwards Carpet and Flooring we are constantly exploring options for your home to create a space of style, luxury, and beauty. What better way to do that than with vinyl flooring from Timeless Designs.

Why Timeless Designs?

Timeless Designs products are all manufactured in the United States. Buying their products means you are supporting a company that touts Made in the USA.

When you buy Timeless Designs Luxury Vinyl Flooring you are guaranteeing yourself 4 things:

  1. High Fashion with High Value – Timeless Designs believes in providing its customers with beautiful flooring at an affordable price. They pride themselves on keeping costs low while providing exceptional quality and craftsmanship on their flooring.
  2. Elegance is Timeless – From the first day the floor is laid to 30 years later, the elegance of a Timeless Designs floor never fades. These are the floors that will create the memories of your family from the moment it is laid. Memories never fade and neither does the exceptional craftsmanship of this flooring.
  3. The Luxury is in Every Detail – Timeless Designs guarantees that you do not have to provide a high price tag in order to provide a beautiful floors. From the largest piece to the trickiest nooks and crannies, your floor is guaranteed to be gorgeous, comfortable and luxurious.
  4. Design Meets Durability – Timeless Designs Vinyl Flooring is designed to withstand even the heaviest of traffic. From running shoes to athletes to children running about, you’re able to be comforted in the fact that the flooring is designed to minimize scuff marks and stains and are designed with the idea that endurance and durability are the foundation for any beautiful floor in your home.

For more information on this product, or any of the other products we offer, please contact us.