Top 5 Reasons to Choose Mohawk Carpet

Mohawk Carpet

Not all carpet brands are created equal. It can be difficult to find a company that lets you know where its carpet came from, how the carpet was made, and what the company’s values are. In these respects, Mohawk proudly stands out above the crowd. Check out these five reasons why you should consider installing Mohawk carpet in your home.

  1. Based in Georgia, Mohawk assembles 100% of its carpet products in the United States of America. What better way to support American industries than by installing American-made products in your home?
  2. Mohawk carpet has stood the test of time. Since its carpets first rolled out in 1878, Mohawk has maintained a reputation for quality by producing top-of-the-line carpets that they stand by with top-notch customer service.
  3. Mohawk is dedicated to environmentally-friendly practices at all points in its carpets’ life cycle. From the initial manufacturing of carpeting from raw and recycled materials to the shipping and installation of its carpets, Mohawk is proud to improve the state of our planet.
  4. For nearly four decades, Mohawk has supported dozens of non-profit and charitable organizations through donations of time and volunteer hours. You can feel good about patronizing Mohawk, knowing that your money will be used to “pay it forward” in programs that strengthen the community.
  5. Mohawk has a carpet to match any of your interior design needs. With hundreds of colors, designs, and styles, you will find exactly what you’re looking for in Mohawk’s carpet collection. Plus, when you purchase Mohawk carpet from Edwards Carpet, we will remove your old carpeting and provide you with complimentary new carpet padding.

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