2 Unique Features of Shaw Carpet

2 Unique Features of Shaw Carpet

When it comes to carpet, it’s assumed that products offered by one brand are like those offered by another. While this may be true for many companies, carpet produced by Shaw Floors stands out against the rest. This article outlines two unique features that make Shaw carpet one of the smartest buys on the market today.

R2X Stain & Soil Resistance System

Stains represent one of the greatest threats to the carpet in your home. Unlike wood or laminate floors, a carpeted floor can be a nightmare to clean, especially when it comes to things like dirt, wine, and other stubborn stains. For that reason, carpet companies perpetually try to formulate new and improved ways to offer protection.

Shaw Floors introduced its patented R2X protection system way back in 2001, and it is every bit as reliable today as it was then. In fact, most of Shaw’s competitors are still hard at work trying to duplicate this unique soil repelling system, which protects the carpet’s yarns from top to bottom. Most other repellents, by contrast, only protect the surface layer of the carpet.

SoftBac Platinum Carpet Backing

It can be easy to forget that what’s on the bottom of your carpet is just as important as what’s on the top. Carpet backing plays a huge role in determining long-term stability and appearance. Shaw has developed one of the best backing systems on the market today, known as SoftBac Platinum carpet backing.

Shaw is so confident in the SoftBac system that they offer a no-wrinkle guarantee. Not only that, but the backing has greater adhesive strength, stronger and less visible seams, and an unmatched degree of softness. In addition, SoftBac offers a greater amount of sound absorption, meaning your new carpets will muffle sound better than ever.

Edwards Carpet commits to offering customers only the best carpets currently on the market. For more information about why Shaw carpets make such an excellent choice, please contact us as soon as possible.