Update Your Home With These Three Classic Flooring Options

Herringbone Flooring

If you are a homeowner or are looking into buying a home that you may want to replace the floors in, you have never been faced with more options to pick between. With so much of modern design revolving around simplified color pallets and styles that have yet to prove whether they will be a flash in the pan or a new staple, there are more variables than ever to consider. There are a few tried and true styles that have remained beautiful and in style for decades that are not only guaranteed returns on your investment but will look beautiful for decades to come. If you are interested in updating the flooring in your home, contact the expert team here at Edwards Carpet today. We will help you pick the perfect flooring materials to fit your space, your design, and your needs. Here are three classic styles that are guaranteed to update your space.


Herringbone flooring is a style of installation that can be done for everything from thin hardwoods to large chunky tiles. Herringbone flooring has always been synonymous with upscale designs, as the installation process used to be much more time and labor-intensive. With modern materials like laminate and vinyl, the installation process for herringbone flooring has become much more streamlined. Depending on your space and the size of the material you choose, this process will require a bit more work, but that work will pay off with a beautiful and eye-catching design.


Hardwood floors have been a staple in interior design for centuries, but hardwood is anything but old-fashioned. Modern hardwood flooring features high-tech designs that allow this flooring to seamlessly integrate into any space while also cutting back on installation time. One of the most appealing things about hardwood flooring is just how durable and long-lasting hardwood flooring can be. When properly cared for and maintained, hardwood flooring can easily last decades, even centuries. When hardwood flooring wears down, it can be patched and refinished, allowing you to even change the color or stain of your floors when you decide that you want to change up your space. Hardwood is truly one of the most versatile flooring options on the market and its beauty will never go out of style.

Laminate Flooring

If you like the look and feel of hardwood but are intimidated by the price tag that comes with it, laminate flooring is a great option for you. This beautiful and versatile flooring almost perfectly mimics the look and feel of hardwood floors, allowing you to get the look of rare woods or wide-planked flooring without the cost. Laminate is also durable and water-resistant, helping it stand up to almost any space in your home like mudrooms and entryways.

If you want to learn more about how you can upgrade your space, contact the team here at Edwards Carpet today