Vinyl Flooring: Cost-Effective

Laminate Flooring: Durable and Affordable

Why Vinyl Flooring?

If you’re looking for a cost-effective flooring option, vinyl is an excellent option for you. Hardwood is one of the most requested flooring types on the market because of the timeless style it brings to any room. Unfortunately, hardwood can be costly and not within everyone’s budget. There’s no need to worry because you can get that same classic style with vinyl! Modern vinyl can no replicate real hardwood or tile at an affordable price. You don’t have to sacrifice your style for a budget with vinyl. In addition, vinyl provides a cushioning layer for added comfort and can minimize foot traffic noise levels. It also has an antimicrobial protection that discourages bacterial growth and moisture-resistant properties to handle water exposure. One of the best perks of vinyl is how low maintenance it is as well! Some of the more common vinyl areas include kitchens, bathrooms, or any room with high traffic or spills.

Brand Spotlight: Tarkett

Tarkett is a world leader in innovative and sustainable flooring solutions. They believe that wherever we live, our flooring provides inspiration, comfort, and safety. It protects our health and well-being while helping people live better and happier lives. You can find Tarkett vinyl in homes, schools, workplaces, hospitals, retail stores, hotels, and wherever sports are played! Its sustainability and quality make it an excellent option for vinyl flooring. The Tarkett team realizes that styles and trends change, so every year, they come up with more and more emerging and modern designs to fit these trends. You can find any style of tile with Tarkett!

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