Wear-Dated® Nylon Carpet: High-End Quality


Get the Most Out of Your Carpet with Wear-Dated® Nylon Carpet 

It used to be that chemical giant Dupont’s Stainmaster® carpet was a popular choice among homeowners looking for a carpet that could stand up to the abuse caused by kids and pets. But while the Stainmaster® name led many to believe that the carpet was impervious to stains, that was, unfortunately, not the case. Meanwhile, competitor Monsanto was quietly developing a better product, one that could withstand hot beverage spills better than Stainmaster®. They called their new technology Wear-Dated®.

Wear-Dated® nylon carpet (formerly by Monsanto, which is now Solutia), is some of the finest high-end nylon carpet on the market today. In fact, in 2005, Solutia joined forces with two other giants in the carpet industry — 3-M’s Scotchguard® and Mohawk Industries to offer consumers the famous durability of Wear-Dated® carpet fibers and the stain protection of Scotchguard® advanced stain-resisting technology in more than 80 Mohawk carpet products.

Today’s Wear-Dated® nylon carpets have a patented fiber design that combines brilliant color and easy cleaning, in a soft, luxurious carpet that’s also stain-resistant. It’s the perfect combination for a modern family home! Wear-Dated® products are manufactured using only type 6.6 nylon, considered the premium choice for nylon fibers. Type 6.6 nylon provides excellent performance in four distinct areas:

  1. Recovery Rating
  2. Appearance Retention
  3. Colorfastness
  4. Resistance to Soil and Stains

In addition, all Wear-Dated® products must meet minimum levels for twist level, carpet density, pile weight and pile height. Every carpet that carries the label is tested for performance against those standards. A Wear-Dated carpet is designed to not only meet customer expectations — it’s meant to exceed them.

If you’re in the market for a carpet that offers durability, colorfastness, and stain resistance, check out the Wear-Dated® nylon carpet selection at Edward’s Carpet & Flooring Centers, serving the flooring needs of St. Louis and St. Charles for nearly 80 years! Contact us today to find the location nearest you!