Why Choose Marazzi Tile Flooring?

Why Choose Marazzi Tile Flooring

For over 30 years, Marazzi USA has produced exceptional tile for designers, architects, and homeowners. Fulfilling requirements of both form and function, this premier brand distinguishes itself. Their commitment to design, quality, and sustainability is remarkable. At Edwards Carpet & Flooring, we perfected the system of taking projects from idea to reality. Start by choosing from the selection of Marazzi tile products. As a result, you end up with a high-quality installation at the lowest possible price. Here’s why Marazzi is a top contender for tile flooring.

Marazzi Flooring Products:

  • Porcelains
  • Ceramics
  • Glass Mosaics
  • Natural Stones
  • Metallics


With attention to the ever-changing tile market, Marazzi USA’s leading-edge design is unparalleled. Their flooring is perfect for residential or commercial locations.  It provides a high-end style that is durable and maintainable. You can customize your settings with unlimited color, shape, texture, finish, trim, and decorative options.


Marazzi brand flooring is a waterproof, scratch proof, stain proof, and slip-resistant surface. Perfect for outdoor and indoor spaces, Marazzi tiles have the tightest grout lines for a natural, seamless look. High definition detail and state-of-the-art finishes, bring color to life for the most authentic look.


Marazzi USA is committed to a corporate sustainability plan! The company continually practices environmentally friendly principles to replace, reuse, recycle. Environmental responsibility, combined with sophisticated style, is what puts this brand in a class by itself. Sturdy, timeless, trouble-free, and trustworthy, Marazzi tile is simply the best. Not only that, but the options are gorgeous.

At Edwards Carpet & Flooring, we understand that floor covering is a significant investment for our customers. As the oldest and largest locally owned flooring company serving St. Louis and St. Charles County, you can trust that we are experts in our field. In addition, you will love your new flooring. For more information on our flooring options, either visit us in person or online! Contact us today and let a member of our highly trained staff assist you.