Why You Should Switch To Vinyl Flooring

Why You Should Switch To Vinyl Flooring

Natural flooring has been a popular option in homes for years. Hardwood, stone, and tile provide the natural look that adds to the unique characteristics of a home. This type of flooring has become more expensive and hard to install. Edwards Carpet has an alternative to the traditional natural floors. We offer luxury vinyl flooring that replicates natural flooring without stress. Here is why you should opt for vinyl rather than traditional stone, tile, or hardwood.


Hardwood, stone, and tile are delicate surfaces to clean deeply. Between the groves and lining, dirt and more remains stuck for years. Nothing is more frustrating than seeing a mess you can’t clean up. Not only that, but natural elements tend to wear faster than others. Vinyl is an excellent alternative for this reason. The texture of vinyl allows for sweeping, mopping, and more without the stubborn grooves. As a result, your vinyl will last longer than natural flooring.


Traditional hardwood, stone, or tile can become extremely expensive. Vinyl offers the same look as the natural elements but at a more affordable price. According to Home Advisor, vinyl tiles are less costly than inlaid floors. The multiple layers of color offer long-lasting results, therefore reducing the possibility of reflooring.


The installation process of vinyl is different from other floorings. Some flooring can take weeks or even months to install. The important thing to know about vinyl is that it will lay on top of your current surface. If you have a smooth, dry surface to put your vinyl on, it is a quick process. Not only that, but the vinyl floor can be installed by you or professionals, depending on your preference. Whether you have a large amount of square footage or small, the installation will be an easy process.

If you are interested in vinyl flooring, Edwards Carpet recommends Armstrong Luxury Vinyl Flooring. This brand offers styles, colors, and pattern options to meet your needs. For more information on the vinyl flooring process, please visit us online here or one of our five locations in St. Louis. Ensure long-lasting flooring with Armstrong Vinyl!