Why We Love Congoleum Vinyl Flooring

Why We Love Congoleum Vinyl Flooring

Congoleum is a top brand name in the vinyl flooring market. At Edward’s Carpet, we only choose the highest-quality brands for our customers. Here is why we choose Congoleum to join our vinyl flooring family.

Congoleum Vinyl Flooring

As stated before, Congoleum is one of the top brand names in the vinyl flooring industry. Over decades they have honed and perfected their expertise surrounding resilient flooring. Like other brands, Congoleum used to manufacture a variety of flooring options. They decided over the years that they didn’t want to create several types of sub-par flooring, instead, they wanted to focus on just a few. The flooring they were to focus on was going to be the best in the industry and made of the highest quality. As a result, they chose to focus on vinyl flooring.

Once they made the decision to focus on one type of flooring, they only went up from there. Congoleum understands what elements are most important during the planning and manufacturing stages. This helps to create the best and most resilient flooring. Their one focus allows them to be intimately familiar with the most advanced technologies that are incorporated into their flooring. As a result, they produce amazing flooring.


Congoleum brings in a variety of elements to create the best flooring. One of their favorites is wear layer technology. This provides floor care benefits as well as adding texture and style to our products. They also use a Scotchguard Protector. This protector repels stains and allows for easy cleanup. Sticky substances are no burden to this vinyl flooring. This makes Congoleum vinyl an excellent option for high traffic areas in your home. There are many more elements to that go into this amazing flooring option, to learn more check us out at Edward’s Carpet.

At Edward’s Carpet, we offer only the highest-quality flooring materials for our customers. We want your space, residential, or commercial, to be exactly what you envisioned. To learn more about our different brands and flooring options we offer, check us out online here. You can also visit us at any of our four stores located in Ellisville, Des Peres, Creve Couer, and St. Charles!